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Las Majadas

Surrounded by the Andes Mountains, in the Maipo Valley and less than an hour from Santiago there is Pirque, a region with a special identity and with a lot to tell. It is an interesting and diverse destination. Pirque brings together the three types of tourism most sought after by visitors to Chile: adventure, nature and wine. Since 2016, Las Majadas hotel has provided a complete and unique experience.
Located in an 8-hectare park originally designed by the French landscaper Guillermo Renner in 1909, the setting is made up of more than a thousand perennial and native trees. To complete the landscape, a French Renaissance-style palace from 1905 welcome luxurious events and activities carefully prepared by the hotel. Whether with a picnic in the park or with delicious cooking classes and wine tasting or exploring the Mountains on a hiking and trekking, the Las Majadas hotel offers an experience that goes beyond Santiago!

• Strategic location that allows you to explore not only the city of Santiago but also the Maipo Valley and do wine activities in the Andes Mountains and get to know the local culture.
• Spacious hotel immersed in nature, inside a beautifully landscaped park.
• Structure to make high level events with a unique landscape with the Palace of 1905.

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Pirque, Santiago, Chile


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José Julio Nieto s/n, Loteo Parque Las Majadas, Pirque, Santiago de Chile.


+56 2 2330 4900



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