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Arabian Lux

The management and partners behind Arabian Lux have been competition, friends and associates for over two decades. They have all been through challenging as well as boom times in the region, and it was during the difficult times of middle 2020 when the concept was born, albeit quite accidently.
As a DMC, they work very closely with the travel partners, to cater to their audience in the most effective way. They follow a collaborative approach and see working with partners as a long term partnership. They want to understand the market and the audience better, as this will help them in curating enhanced products and services, for each client. Tailoring the way they work with agents is key to their success, from curated marketing and training materials for customers, to the way agents prefer to communicate with them, or white-label solutions, they create a framework that will make agents interaction with them easy as well as seamless.


• It is all about the delivery of perfect services and wonderful memories, surpassing all expectations
• Partnerships with the suppliers and global partners have to be better than perfect
• Delivering a perfect guest experience starts with understanding the guests  expectations and then meticulously planning their itinerary
• Mixing Tech with Traditional Service

Proudly represented by TL Portfolio in North America.

ALUX Corproate_Small – SD 480p from Nicholas Rhodes on Vimeo.


Maldives, Dubai & Oman




Al Barsha Boutique Building, Al Barsha - Al Barsha 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


+971 4 450 2233



Sales & Marketing in North America

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